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Check out this review SHADES OF DOUBT from Esther Mitchell at FyrRose!

5 stars!

Ms. Surbeck has done it again!

In this second book of the Luck of the Irish series, we get to know a character we met briefly in FOR THE LOVE OF… Charlize “Charlie” Deseu.

Wow! I adored Mac in the first book, for her no holds barred approach to life and her tough, yet compassionate, personality… But Charlie is another whole level of amazing! Starting out frozen in her own routines, and panicked by the idea of even a pencil out of place, Charlie is full of surprises as Ms. Surbeck dumps her unwillingly into the world of The Outfit. It was amazing to watch her backbone work its way to the surface.

I can’t say enough about the detailed and amazing characterizations in this book. I seldom have much time or love for First Person novels, as too many of them are lackluster with their characterization… But not Ms. Surbeck! If you want to take a deep dive into the heart and soul (and mind) of a character, and see the world through their eyes, I highly recommend you start with the Luck of the Irish series, and immerse yourself in two very amazing, and very different, women who will give you an all-new respect for First Person narrative.

Oh, and be ready to laugh your butt off as the Boy Wonder, Bobby Connor, makes another appearance… Not so much the cocky kid he was in FOR THE LOVE OF… anymore, but he’s grown into quite the charmer. Can’t wait to see if he’s going to get his own books… Did I see some sparks? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

You can pick up your own copy at either of the following sites (to the best of my knowledge, but there may be others… Kally?


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