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Lots of new goodies!

Had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects lately. Hope you'll check out Samhain Secrets 1 and 2! as well as my work in Reflections and Tortured Souls. All my latest are located on my works page, but here are some links as well! Tortured Souls: Reflections:...

Semper Fi

I am very excited to say I have a little story in an upcoming anthology. My title is Semper Fi. The anthology is entitled Tortured Souls. This is going to be a great anthology, not only because of the many talented authors participating but because of all the various...

Happy New Year!

Hope your new year is starting off well! I am thrilled to inform you all that I will have a short story in an upcoming anthology. Great way to start the new year. -kj

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Hey all. Welcome in. I am very excited to have you drop by, I have some thrilling news to share. A dear friend of mine, Samie Sands has put together a thrilling...

It’s Behind You!

Hey everyone, So excited for the amazing opportunity to be part of this anthology! Stop by amazon and pick up a Kindle copy, or a paperback and look for my story Fear. As always love to hear from readers, drop a comment or a message, or link up with me on social...

It's Behind You

Shades Of Doubt

For The Love Of...

See what people are saying about For The Love Of…

Mac and Gabe are two of my favorite people. Ok, they are not real people, but they seem like it to me. Mac is sexy, but doesn’t mean to be. She’s dangerous. She’s exotic. She’s an assasin! The heroine is an assasin and it works. You love her. You root for her. You understand her and what makes her tick.

Gabe is ultra sexy, Greek God material. He’s an assasin, too. His mark is Mac. This can’t be good, right? Wrong! It’s a match made in heaven. Gabe and Mac are wonderful together. They both want out of the business, but the Outfit, keeps pulling them in. How can they get out of the business and escape the Outfit?

The secondary characters are as compelling as the main characters and you’ll want to see what happens to them in future books. Mac’s friend and adopted little brother Bobby is one of the most wonderful and memorable characters. He’s a definite “hunk in the making.” I can’t wait for him to have his own book. It will be a total hoot.

This was previously released as an e-book. But trust me, the print edition is worth it and the cover ROCKS!

I loved it!

C. Wolfe


5 stars!

Ms. Surbeck has done it again!

In this second book of the Luck of the Irish series, we get to know a character we met briefly in FOR THE LOVE OF… Charlize “Charlie” Deseu.

Wow! I adored Mac in the first book, for her no holds barred approach to life and her tough, yet compassionate, personality… But Charlie is another whole level of amazing! Starting out frozen in her own routines, and panicked by the idea of even a pencil out of place, Charlie is full of surprises as Ms. Surbeck dumps her unwillingly into the world of The Outfit. It was amazing to watch her backbone work its way to the surface.

I can’t say enough about the detailed and amazing characterizations in this book. I seldom have much time or love for First Person novels, as too many of them are lackluster with their characterization… But not Ms. Surbeck! If you want to take a deep dive into the heart and soul (and mind) of a character, and see the world through their eyes, I highly recommend you start with the Luck of the Irish series, and immerse yourself in two very amazing, and very different, women who will give you an all-new respect for First Person narrative.

Oh, and be ready to laugh your butt off as the Boy Wonder, Bobby Connor, makes another appearance… Not so much the cocky kid he was in FOR THE LOVE OF… anymore, but he’s grown into quite the charmer. Can’t wait to see if he’s going to get his own books… Did I see some sparks? *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

You can pick up your own copy at either of the following sites (to the best of my knowledge, but there may be others… Kally?

Esther Mitchell

Author, FyrRose Productions

Just one more job. Mob assassin Mac (Mackenzie) Harmon needs only one more job and she’ll complete her contract with ‘The Outfit,’ and be able to head for her dream house in Tahiti. Completing the last job shouldn’t be too tough–the target heads a crooked drug company that’s even doublecrossing The Outfit by selling FDA disapproved drugs in Canada–but when Mac learns that there’s more to the target’s plot than she knew, she pulls back–and runs into a super-sexy neighbor out for a walk. That’s what Gabriel (Gabe) Zumbrenen claims he is, anyway. But Mac is used to lies and suspects that Gabe is hiding something.

Gabe is hiding a lot–including the fact that he works for The Outfit too, and that he’s been hired to ‘clean’ Mac once she finishes her final job. Because nobody just walks away from The Outfit. Loose strings and flapping lips do not make for success in the kind of business that this organized crime ring runs.

Gabe and Mac gradually reveal themselves, let themselves wonder if a partnership might be possible, if their shared hatred for the Outfit might be enough to allow them to trust one another. Unfortunately, staying alive as assassins isn’t exactly the kind of trust training that leads to long-term relationships. Sharing assassin toys, working together on a massive sting operation, and exploring the lust that tingles in Mac’s body every time Gabe gets close just might be, however.

Managing the balance between romance and adventure is always a challenge in a romantic suspense. Author Kally Jo Surbeck does a pretty good job of it, with steamy-hot lust flowing from the natural contact between Mac and Gabe. Their mistrust for each other (justified because both are keeping secrets) accentuates the heat flowing between them. Still, Surbeck is at her best when she drops the romance and concentrates on Mac’s internal conflict between her need for family and friendship, and her certainty that no relationship can be trusted. Both Gabe and Mac’s sidekick Bobby, provide mirrors of Kally’s own experience.

FOR THE LOVE OF… was a 2004 Eppie winner and it’s easy to see why. Surbeck’s capable writing, constant adventure, and the steamy romance make a strong offering. Despite Surbeck’s efforts to integrate it, I found the romantic elements a bit forced, reducing credibility a little, and drawing me out of the story flow. But when Surbeck gets the adventure going, FOR THE LOVE OF… is a hard book to put down.


Author / Reviewer, booksforabuck

So glad to see this story back and updated! This version includes all the outstanding storytelling, action, and excellent writing I know and love from Kally Jo Surbeck with updates and additions.

As a reader who usually avoids romance as a genre this was a book I couldn’t put down. For The Love Of combines the best most relatable aspects of romance with action, suspense and drama to form an intoxicating brew of fast-paced story telling.

Her characters are easily to relate to, and you quickly find yourself immersed in the journey right along with Mac.

Worth a read and can’t want for the next one in the series!

Kurt DeManche


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